Mainades were the female companion of god Dionysus. We’ve stolen five of them, we transformed them into modern warm, two-storey guesthouses for 2-4 persons and we’ve placed them on our area, Mainites, so that they can watch the whole Chora of Andros, the villages and the sea.

Furthermore we’ve build “Little Mainades”, four studios, that give another choice to the visitor, who will choose this house complex for his staying. Each maisonette has its own “madness”, its own colour and style, but each and everyone modern in thought (comforts) and traditional in appearance, awaits to offer you hospitality, to show you around, to make you forget or remember, to have fun or to rest.

Welcome to Andros, to Mainites, to Mainades… Welcome to the other Cyclades, those of water and green. We thank you for letting us give life to your vacations, so that they’ll become unforgettable, the way you dream and we can contribute to this achievement.